Saturday, November 20, 2010

His rules. Her rules?

While I am in Utah I am staying with my Uncle (mother's brother) John. Last night we visited Dr. Samuels, a professor at the University and friend of John's. When we arrived, Dr. Samuels was there with a mentee, Demarcus. We all laughed, talked, ate, drank, listened to Demarcus share his incredible music and poetry. And his story. Oh his story.

After dinner another friend of Dr. Samuels stopped by to return a computer. He sat with us and joined the conversation. "You look good man. How are things?" Dr. Samuels asked.

"It's cool. It's cool." He responded. I don't remember his name. His name? His name? His name? He had a really beautiful smile though. But his name?

"And how are things going with you and your girlfriend?"

"It's cool."

"You always say that. 'It's cool. It's cool.'"

"Yeah, man, you know. It's cool." He smiled (beautifully). "Just, she gotta follow the rules though or..."

They all laughed. Well, we all laughed because I did too. For different reasons though. "Oh, she has to follow the rules, huh?" Dr. Samuels laughingly repeated. In his laughter I heard the knowing sounds of an older, divorced man on how well his young friends rules were going to play out.

I didn't ask, but I wondered. About her. Did she have rules? Rules he had to follow or...?

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