Sunday, November 21, 2010

Still in Utah

My Uncle John and I got up and went to church this morning. Calvary Baptist in Salt Lake City. We went to both services because he had duties during the first service and a friend of ours was on program during the second. Both services were very moving. It was youth day today so they sang, spoke, danced, received awards...youth day.

Sitting there I was so present to being thankful for the blessing of poetry. I've seen much of this country and most of the traveling I've done in my life has been because of poetry. Some theatre, church, school, jail... sends a ticket and pays my fee and hotel stay and I'm there. But I consider it more than a job. It has been an incredible opportunity. Opportunity to meet other people, experience norms and folkways not like mine, enjoy and not enjoy conversations, food...the list goes on a long time. But I was in church thinking that if it wasn't for this gift I don't know that I could have been the places I've been. Even the reason I'm here now is to perform at the university and inside of that I get to spend time with my uncle and other friends, see this awesome snow, have time and space to write and create new art.

I am thankful. For my family, for those who love me and those who don't, you have all helped me grow. I'm thankfully still on my journey with lessons to learn. Still putting integrity in the areas of my life where it is not there, still prayerful about misunderstandings in friendships, still holding space in my heart for love and peace.

Still, wouldn't take nothing for my journey now. Still standing. Still loving and honoring myself. And you.

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