Thursday, November 4, 2010

Street life

I. I am sitting outside on the benches on a campus in Culver City. Waiting. I am early for a meeting and I perfer waiting outside. Outside. Where real life is going on. Squirrels chasing each other. Women wearing too much make up walking by. Men rushing off to lunch. The brotha just came out of the office like it was the last day of school and the final bell just rang. "Where you going fa lunch?" The sista yells. "El Pollo!" He yells back. He means El Pollo Loco. I like that spot too. "Dang, thas yo favorite place." "Shol is." He responds. I laughed to myself because he pronounced El Pollo, El Po-lo.

II. An hour before my meeting. Two white men who look like doctors, maybe teachers, yeah teachers since I am on a college campus walk by. I only hear part of their conversation as they wisk by me. The part where the short one says "Yeah, generally they are not attractive people." I wonder who he's talking about.

III. Where is El Pollo Loco around here?

IV. Why are there so many soldiers walking around in uniform?

V. I am not ready for this meeting because I am waiting outside. Outside where real life is going on. Women wearing high high too high heels walk by. Hurting feet walk by. Cats looking for mice dashing by. Students getting out of class and men carry books by authors I don't know walk by. Walking by. Everyone walking by. With all of these places to sit and all this life to see everyone is walking by.

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