Wednesday, November 24, 2010


In Salt Lake City, Utah. Snow is covering everything. It's 16 degrees here. Yes, cold. Yes, beautiful. I was called to do an impromptu class yesterday in another professor's class because the response to my poetry and presentations has been positive but they closed the university until Monday because of the weather. So my last class has ended and I'm here enjoying the view from the front room window.

Today I'm creating a poetry board for John. They are having an exhibit at his church and he was asked to present some of his poetry on a board for them to hang. Me being here provided him to perfect opportunity for him not to do it but to pass the assignment on to me. The exhibit is not until February but I'm only here until Friday and we will be out most of the day for Thanksgiving tomorrow so that pretty much leaves today. All good. I have my materials and some good ideas and I'll get started about two hours, three hours, at least four hours from now.

Enjoy your day today.

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