Sunday, November 7, 2010

V. Kali's birthday

we was all sittin around talkin
erwin hotel room 510
venice beach
all us found close free parking
we knew the night was goin somewhere

v, sequoia and s.pearl
was already there when
me and george showed up
catchin up is always easy with sequoia
she hold my face in her hands
i know i aint got to carry
nothin right now
all us just seen For Colored Girls
but s. pearl is a film maker
so didnt nothin slip by her
but even she said it was so good
so good so good
seein all us colored girls up there
on the screen like that
colored girl issues and all
its 2010 and we still runnin
to the backroom and say
mama its some colored folks on tv

pam knock on the door
then portia
the princess
zuri was there with us
showin up all through portias smile

then come valdez then jean
jean so beautiful
eyes so white
teeth so bright
skin so smooth and ocean
like a marble
like a moon

valdez look through locks fallin to his face
tell us grown man stories
about dating
about art
about strength and being venelas brother
cause who in the room know her better

kamala come in
baby girl of the bunch
she sit in the center
think she got so much to learn
we the ones hangin on her every word

she take us through stories
about livin life on dancers toes
we was there with her
on those toes those toes
like we could really keep up
with those genius toes

dj come through
its been too long
too long since i seen dj
she dont have to say much
with a butter sunshine raspberry
river deep sex voice like that
she sit back and listen
put her two cents five dollars in
where she want to
we all lost in the rhythm of what she say
how she say

there are life lessons spilled
all on the floor the table
carpet couch
all on the walls and mirrors

who gon clean all this gospel
up in the mornin

we laughin all our blues away
keep our drama close enough
fo we dont leave without it
we just hold it different
when we walk
not so close to our titties
carry that drama at arms length
like we takin dirty diaper to trash

we drinkin spillin secrets
we know kept safe
we home now
brothas wanna know why sistas be...
like we got any answers
like we know so well to explain
we wanna know why brothas dont...
like they can tell
like they know
like it matter anyway

we all in different stages
of this dance we do called love
i aint got nothin good to say about it
not yet
not tonight
one day
not yet though

sequoia and pam tell me
baby, soon
let all that hurt go
leave it right there where you left it
love gon be sweet
baby so sweet
so sweet so sweet

i keep thinkin
i dont even know what so sweet so sweet love look like

we drinkin and talkin
laughin and cussin
security knock his chocolate
dimpled six feet self on the door
tell us folks complainin about our noise

our noise?
our so good gospel noise?

we just laughin and talkin
drinkin and cussin
aint no noise here

obama won! i scream to the wall
wonder how long we gon hafta pay for that

we calm down
cause he was cute
and ask us real nice
with them pretty white teeth
them dimples and all

we pour another drink
i keep thinkin
so sweet? so sweet?

and who gon clean up all this
blues spilled on the floor

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  1. Waiting for my breath to catch up with my reading. Wishing I was there, tired of wishing that, knowing I have to be there soon, soon before the memory of me being slips away from the minds of those I've been with...V is one of the ones who got the me others didn't see...I've got to get there just to be in the midst of the mist... Thank you for you inspiration..