Thursday, December 30, 2010

Coming soon... Me with Spener Allen

Been trying to set up a time to have a conversation with fellow poet, Spencer Allen for this blog. The holidays, oh the holidays. The busy, the busy, the changing, the scheduling and rescheduling. It's all good though because Spencer has been way cool about it.

We were gonna meet last night after a Kwanzaa show I performed in. "I talked to the host to see if I could go up early. She said it was cool so I'll meet you at the bakery in about an hour or so." My text to him. An hour later he left the bakery around the corner and met me in Leimert Park where I was scheduled to perform. Three hours later, the host called me up.

"Let's get together tomorrow evening for an hour, Spencer."


Today I was with my son and others and in the run around of today so we rescheduled until after the new year rolls on through. But for real yall, Mewith Spencer, coming soon.

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