Friday, December 31, 2010

My holy day

Of the days of the year I love the most, I think the last day of the year going into the next day/year is my favorite. It's a time of reflection, projection, visioning, imaging and breathing. Yes, breathing. Taking in the lessons I learned throughout the year, positivity, love, peace, all that I want for the next year, in. Pain, bruises, mistakes, bad memories, the past I don't choose to carry into the future, out.

Right now I am thankful for life, my health, my family and friends, especially my son. I am thankful for the powerful bond and love that exists with us. I am thankful I can kiss his cheeks while he sleeps. Thankful for the morning walks we share. I am thankful that he is someone I would want to know even if we weren't related.

New Year's Eve is not a time I usually spend at a party or celebrate with alcohol and loud noises. I love to spend this time quietly with the people I love. Even when I can't physically be with those I love the most I have them in my thoughts and prayers. I spend this time in positive thought, prayer, laughter, poetry, art, forgiveness. I spend this time thanking God for the blessing of life. I spend this time loving me.

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