Saturday, January 22, 2011

Friend day

I was committed to spending the day being nice to myself. Loving myself. And I was. I did. Went to a house warming party with a friend and we spent the evening talking, sharing, catching up. Laughing. A lot of laughing.

I've known Lynette since before our children were born. In fact her twins and my son are only a month a part. In the fourteen or fifteen years we've known each other, we have drifted in and out of each others lives but never hearts. Never. I trust her as friend, as family.

Tonight was easy, like I needed it to be. Just two friends eating too much, whisper laughing too loudly and often, being silly, sharing freely.

If you're reading this Lynette, thank you for all you've ever been to me. Your friendship is so precious. I love you dearly. I am glad our paths have connected again.

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