Saturday, January 15, 2011

One God one presence

Last night I went to dinner with George, Alisha and their two young daughters. As we sat there in Soup Plantation and talked and enjoyed our meals Zolah, two years old stood up on her seat and entertained us, herself and others around. There was another girl perhaps her same age who sat in the booth behind us. She also stood up. At one point the two girls faced each other. One black one Philippino. Face to face, eye to eye. They looked at each other with such beautiful awe, as if they said to themselves, "Wow, there is God, right there, inside of her." They were both shy about speaking but both held their gaze on the other as if they saw the awesome invisible energy that connects us all.

What if we all looked at each other as if we knew, as if we could see God inside of the other?

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  1. That is beautifully amazing. Thanks for this note.