Thursday, February 10, 2011

Last day in Oakland (for this trip anyway)

Hello friends and family! Again, another beautiful beautiful day in Oakland. My show is tonight at the Oakland Slam and I'm heading off to Los Angeles after the show. I caught the Greyhound Bus up here and will return the same way. It was an easy ride. Sure, a six to eight hour drive turned into ten when you go Greyhound but I had my camera with me and I got some really good rest. And had the seat to myself for most of the trip. So there. There is a bus leaving at 3:00am tomorrow and another at 6:00am. I'll probably leave the show after midnight and get to the station a couple of hours before the bus leaves, which is perfect.

I did enjoy my time here with Yuri and Kadodye. I did enjoy my time in Oakland. I wanted to connect with my cousin Felicia but our schedules didn't seem to allow, but, next time. Today I will see my cousin Lolita and take pictures of her around Lake Merritt and hang out a bit then we will go to the show tonight together.

I soooo needed this time here. I needed to get the speech together for Monday, which is still not complete but I know it will be ok. I spent yesteday overthinking it. Today is not speech day though. Today I need to focus on the show for tonight.

So, until next time.

Enjoy you.

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