Monday, February 14, 2011

What's up

Good morning friends and family. I'm back in Los Angeles. The Oakland trip was great. The shows, the people, the connections. The Grooveology party that I shoot once a month was Saturday night was a lot of fun. On the business side it was lighter in attendance that normal. I heard that there were a lot of Grammy parties in the area so we guessed that was the reason. Sunday Laura and I went to see Sonia Sanchez at the Nate Holden Theatre. How many ways can I say awesome woman?! Her latest book, MORNING HAIKU is brilliant. I'm on my way now to Victorville to give the speech on African-Americans in the Civil War. I know that's a lot of stuff for one paragraph, but that's what's up.

Be your best you today.


  1. Sanchez? Quick - what color is the rock I was under when this went down! She was in good company...!

  2. a friend told me about it. it was at the nate holden and you know there are no bad seats there! it was amazing.