Monday, March 14, 2011

Los Angeles

Chicken asada con verde sauce
Number 40 Metro bus to the end of the line
Taco trucks and flowers for sale on the corner
Cold sodas by the can 
No water no ice with that
Six tables small space
Meat stand and market to the right
We all familia

The English speaking Mexican brother 
Helps me explain 
I want aluminum foil to wrap what's left of my burrito

"It was good"
I rub my stomach
"Too big"
I spread my hands as if I am measuring an infant baby

She laughs and hands me the foil
She she smiles at me and thanks me for coming
As if I am visiting another country

"Bye bye" she waves again

As I opened the door to leave 
I felt like maybe I was in another country
Burrito as big as a baby
Smiling server who was happy I came
Said bye bye when I left

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