Thursday, March 10, 2011

Me with me part 5

Me with me part 5
Wednesday, March 9, 2011

J. So what's up? Where are you? (As if I don't know)

Me. "What's up?" is a loaded question, and a boring one too so I'll answer the second. I am on the Greyhound going to Philly.

J. For what? 

Me. Poetry. The gig came at the perfect time too because I was in Atlanta doing a couple of shows out there and handling some personal business also. I was gonna catch the bus back to Los Angeles but they called and asked if I was available for this show and I was. My only thing about doing this show in Philly on Friday is that I have to be in Cali Saturday morning so they are flying me out after the show Friday night. Cool.

J. How is the bus ride? What is it, eleven hours on the road to Philly?

Me. About that. But the bus is gon have a way of stretching that out to twenty. I don't mind the ride though. I suggested it. I've taken many long rides but not usually this way, and it saved them some money. Besides, and I don't know why, but I sleep well and come up with some real good stories on long bus rides. 

J. But what about your back and legs.

Me. Yeah. I'm sore sometimes but I go to the spa and sit in the hot tubs and saunas then stretch real good and I'm straight. Haa get it? I stretch and then I'm straight??

J. Yeah I got it but it wasn't funny. 

Me. Yeah well.

J. What time is it anyway?

Me. 1:26 am

J. You ain't tired?

Me. A little. But I like this time on the bus when everybody is sleep. I let myself feel the pattern of bumps in the road, look out at the dark trees, make up stories, pray. Stuff like that.

J. And tonight you're talking to yourself and writing it down.

Me. You always point that out. So what?

J. Yeah. You are sleepy.

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