Thursday, March 17, 2011

Now love

When I am not my highest self 
I forget to remember you beautiful
I am caught up sometimes 
In the in the human of my life

And you are always there 
Breathing through the it with me
I never thought of it like this before
Never been mellifluous like this before

You inspire me to be my favorite me
The me I most adore

So remind me lover please
Sometimes when I forget
That you are only here to love me
And I to love you back like that

And why don't you forget?
you always seem connected
To the you you came to be

You are just wind like that, I guess
Better than I will be, I suppose

This is the grown love I was looking for back then
When I ask myself where you been 
I remember that you could not show up in my space before
Because I hadnt been who I was looking for

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