Monday, March 14, 2011

Woman on the Greyhound

One of the benefits of being outside of the house and paying attention to poetry around me is that I witness some interesting stories. Stories I just wouldn't make up. So in the space of I just wouldn't make this up, on the Greyhound the other night it was dark, just past midnight and quiet. We were about ten minutes from a stop, I don't remember which one, and a woman got on her phone. That is common when we are that close to a stop, but usually the calls go some thing like, "Hey, we are almost there. Can't wait to see you." or something like that. But no, not this time. This woman was on her phone and was talking so loudly. Seriously, this was the conversation:

"Hey. Yeah we almost there. You coming? Stop playin' we almost there, for real. I got my baby with me."

And she did have a young baby with her in a car seat.

"Ok I'm light skinned with curly hair like yours. I have on a green jacket..." 

The whole conversation sounded like she just met someone on the internet and asked him to meet her for the first time with her baby in the middle of the night at. Greyhound station somewhere between North Carolina and Pennsylvania. 

As her conversation began to disturb and wake up the other passengers on the bus I could hear the chuckles and disapproving grunts. Like no one could believe it. If I was watching this play out on a movie I would have to rewind. When we stopped, I couldn't see who she got in the car with but I sure do hope that she and her child are ok. 

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