Thursday, July 28, 2011

At Debra's. Day 1 of long shift. (from journal entry 7-25-11)

It's 4:44 and I'm at Debra's today. Actually, I'm scheduled to be here until 8am on Friday morning. This is the longest straight shift I've been scheduled for. I don't have my computer with me so I can't get online. Shoot. Staying positive through Friday. Uraeus and I will go school shopping and go to the movies and things. Looking forward to that. He's back in Palmdale with my family. At the moment he's probably playing video games with his cousins.

The cat was missing. Well, cats are never actually missing. The cat was out of sight. Chuckie. I knew he wasn't outside because I made sure the doors were shut and locked. He wasn't in his usual sleeping place and so for almost three hours, Debra and I walked around looking for Chuckie. Under beds, behind bookcases, in showers. Nowhere. The occupational therapist was here and after she left, Debra and I sat outside on the patio and then who should come scratching on the screen but Mr. Chuckie himself.

I'm at peace today and am getting prepared for a long night and week of writing. Creative writing. Stories. Poetry, music, essays. Something. I love the blog and all the journaling and freestyle but I have other writing muscles to work out. Well, I'll just see what comes out this week.

The noise in my head is at a very low ripple. I had some things on my chest to say and had an opportunity to let it out and release to the person it was directed to and that created more room than I even imagined. Thanks for the opportunity and my willingness to take life up on the gift.

I am breathing and am thankful that I can see stories everywhere.


It sounds like Debra's friend is leaving. Hopefully I'll be posting soon. And not about my clients and diapers and cats and work shifts.

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