Thursday, July 28, 2011

At Debra's day 3 (from journal entry 7-27-11)

It's 10:26am and I'm at Debra's on day three of this shift. It's been going well. She has her yes moments and no moments. So do I. Mostly I'm winning the battles I need to win. I had a funny moment yesterday. Her friend Reese called and asked to speak with her. Often Debra doesn't like to talk on the phone. Sometimes not even to her brother. She will usually accept visitors but the phone is a different animal with her. I explained that to Reese and we decided to give it a try anyway.

Me: Debra, it's Reese Handler on the phone. Would you like to speak to her?

D: (whispering and shaking her head) No, no tell her I just left.

Reese and I had a light laugh about that. When we hung up I laughed harder.

Well, Reese called back today and I was glad Debra felt like speaking.

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