Thursday, July 28, 2011

Banana bread (from journal entry 7-26-11)

It's 11:04am and I'm on day two of this shift at Debra's. I'm about to take an early nap. She just laid down, took a muscle relaxer and so will probably be sleep soon. I have been sleepy for the past few days. I gotta get it together.

As usual, I changed Debra at 6 this morning. She doesn't like to get up early and I don't like her wet. She let's me change her at 6 as long as I promise I'm not getting her up. I wash, change, dress and get her up at 8. This morning we made a deal that if I let her sleep until 9 then she would get up and get in the shower. I more than halfway knew she wouldn't stick to it but 9 sounded good to me too.

At 9 of course she thought it was too early to get into the shower. Before I washed her I had the idea to make some banana bread. All of Clara's banana talk probably stuck in my head. I used three bananas that turned soft and brown and put them in the baking pan after I lightly greased it with butter. I mixed the bananas with a cup of wheat flour, two eggs, a little sugar, butter and a cup of milk and put it into the 350 degrees preheted over. It smelled good cooking.

I got Debra ready for the day and she got up by herself and into her chair. As she sat I made us spinach, cheese omlettes, toast and juice. The bread was still smelling good and rising.

By the time we finished breakfast the bread looked done. It was good! It was flat though. I don't know what happened that made it rise so full then fall flat as a thick pancake. That's what it taste like. Like a sweet banana pancake bread with a crust. Maybe for lunch I'll put some in a small bowl and heat it up and put some whipped cream on it.

So the banana bread went well. I'll figure out what to do to keep it nice and fluffy. But for now we have a nice little dessert.


Ah ha! I talked to Lynette and told her abut my bread. Baking powder! Apparantly I was missing a tea spoon or two or baking powder and she said I should have mixed the wheat flour with white. Although the next time I make it I will try t do it without white flour again and see how it turns out. Maybe tomorrow. And perhaps I'll add shredded carrots, zuchini and walnuts.

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