Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dear Chuckie (Debra's cat)

I'm going to kick your ass if you shit on the living room floor again! I know that you are waaaay toooooo spoiled to be a cat, and you are used to me laying on the couch in the living room or keeping the bedroom door open where I sleep so you can meow in my face. Last night I closed the door because I didn't want to you to bother me. And this morning you shit on the floor! Really! I don't know if this is cat for "Fuck you" but you don't want it with me. Maybe you were mad because there was no food in your little cat tray. Well, buddy! You shouldn't have eaten it all yesterday or you should have just waited until the sun came up and it was refilled. Get it together, Chuckie!

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