Thursday, July 21, 2011

Good morning / Red Stories

Good morning friends and family. It's 5:56am on this beautiful what is it? ummm Thursday morning. This is my last day of this shift at Debra's and I am up sitting on the bed. I opened the blinds and I can hear the birds chirping and am looking out at the beautiful and plentiful trees. I love Pasadena. I am loving my life today. Loving myself today.

Red Stories is coming up! I'm always excited about that. The show is going so well! The show is the last Saturday of each month. This month the feature is Shay Fresh! She will be sharing work from her new book, BLACK LOVE and sharing plenty of stories as well. And of course I'll be there too! I'm looking forward to the show for many reasons but the one that pops out the most is that I'll be reading with Shay Fresh for the first time. We have never worked together. Of course I've seen her work but we have never shared the stage. Shay is also a photographer and painter, remind you of anyone? Sooooo, since we share creative expressions we will have an art show an hour before the show starts. So come out if you're in town. And if you're not in town then come and visit!

The show will be Saturday, July 30 at Vibrations 2435 Manchester Ave., Inglewood, CA 90305. The art show starts at 6p and the poetry and stories will begin at 7p. There is a $10 cover and remember to bring some extra scrilla for Shay's book, BLACK LOVE, and for art and other product you may want.

See you there!

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