Thursday, July 21, 2011


Tee hee hee! I went to the DMV in Compton to get a new license and when I took my picture the clerk said, "Baby, I know you want yo green eye shadow to show, but you still gotta open yo eyes." Loved it.

This was my post yesterday on Facebook and I opened my inbox today and someone I went to high school with found it necessary to tell me that I don't even have green eyes, I have light brown eyes (which I don't, they are dark brown, but anyway). Normally I wouldn't have responded but for some reason I did. I kept it simple but explained that eye shadow is makeup above the eyes.

Really people, before we go out of our way to correct people on small things like green eyes or eye shadow or things so little, to people we don't really know, point at yourself and say "Really?"

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