Thursday, July 21, 2011

Winding down

Ahhhh, another long work shift is winding down and I am chillin'. In my own way. Do people still say chillin'? I am trying to write and create and work on some new material for Red Stories coming up soon. Debra is comfortable watching Burn Notice (which I am finding to be pretty cool).

Ok, dang. Just when I was about to get into some kind of writing groove in comes this cricket or some kind of bug/creature. What the...It's not jumping or flying, it's like, walking. It has the longest whiskers or something. See, where is Chuckie the cat when Jimmy the cricket is around. He's sleep that's where he is. He's laying up in Debra's lap watching Burn Notice. I'm not really one to be afraid of bugs really but it's still messing up the flow. No I don't usually know what I'm going to write or type about when I get started. I like to just let the thoughts flow but a blog about a bug in the room is not how I wanted to end the night. I don't want to kill it, I just want it out of here. Uga muga!

Now it's hiding behind the bookcase. Hellooooo. I see you!

I'm an idiot because I'm dedicating this blog to the bug.

Ok, so my son always tells me I turn everything into a "life lesson" so here goes. Seriously, it just came to me. Look at how much time I am dedicating to something so small. A bug. It's not as big as the nickel on the floor it just jumped over. And here I am using all this energy to kill it, hunt it, find it, look for it behind the bookcase. A bug that perhaps is just lost. Only wants food, water, shelter for the night. A bug is a threat to me?

From this perspective my actions and thoughts are silly. That must be what we look like to God. Stressing over bugs. Over money, time, friendships, enemies. Crying over bugs. Over work, love, hate. Dying over bugs. Over politics, religion, words.

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