Friday, May 11, 2012

An interesting conversation on Facebook

Valerie Bridgeman: I need my QBLGT friends to help me. Riddle me this: WHY do you continue to support churches that are full of hatred (homophobic is a euphemism for vitriolic hatred) and pastors who you know are on the down low, BUT beat queer folk up from the pulpit and the airwaves? Why do you tithe to them and sing in the choir and direct ministries? Why do you allow straight allies like Dennis and Christine Wiley at Covenant Baptist in D.C. to struggle financially and be persecuted by other ministers while you go down the street and across the way to hear how much God hates you. Riddle me that?


John Taz Harris: TELL THEM Reverend Bridgeman!

Joshua A. Holiday: Because they are too busy saying they love God, but living in fear. Otherwise known as internalized homo& transphobia.

Charlene Hill: I saw this experiment with fleas. After you keep them in jar for so many hours when you take the top off they will not come out. They are conditioned and their offspring to stay in the jar. I think folks grow accustomed to such conditions and they simply like the fleas stay but that's a guess.

Amy Howard: Pharacies (sp?) were always in the church spouting their bs and hatred. Jesus was chillin with us less than perfect folk. I'd rather b where Jesus is.

Maxine Allen: By the same token why do Black women continue to support ministries where they are so misogynistic and women's leadership is denied in the pulpit, in classrooms, and even as ushers? Why would you supervise people, represent people in courthouses, and when you get to your church where you pay your tithe you can't even make an announcement from the pulpit. Riddle me this as well...Internalized oppression????

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