Thursday, June 28, 2012

Giving thanks

I am thankful for this day. For waking and prayer. For the flowers, grass and trees outside the window. I am thankful for this time and this space. For my life as a mother, an artist, a storyteller. I am thankful.

I had a conversation last night with a good friend and we talked about why we focus sometimes on the ones who are not focusing on us and ignore the ones who want to be with us. Those who want to sit and laugh and sing. Those who want to share food and thoughts and tears and joy. Today I am thankful for my friends. For those who love me and care, those who honor my feelings and share their own.

Right now I am sitting next to the window looking outside. There is a light blue sky with a few white clouds. Trees and dirt, flowers and grass. There are rocks and bees and shadows and brick. I am thankful to see beauty in nature. I am thankful to see beauty in myself.

I am hard and mean to myself sometimes. I allow doubt and fear and worry to enter my thoughts sometimes. Letting those thoughts go is daily work for me. Some days it takes very little effort and other days the thoughts of lack and self doubt hang around like the smell of burnt popcorn.

Today I give thanks to those who have held me up when I was down. Those who whispered and shouted their love for me right when I needed to hear it. I am thankful for those who allow me to love them. I am thankful.

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