Friday, June 29, 2012

Women's day

Our fingers
coiled, cracked
ashy, broken
twisted, knotted
wrinkled and taut
squeeze stains out white dresses
stains out yesterdays
massage healing into developing tomorrows
blessed oil on foreheads
fry chicken and fold into prayers

home birthed babies and men
hum praise like poetry like breathing like air
change the world with universal meditations
on bended and cracked knees
high heads and raised spread fingers
holding in our every aha and amen
empathy capacity and ruminations
personal, compassionate and wise

O women
we ae prepared uniquely for this journey
this is a predicament we understand
we are geared for this path
we are war ending women
in our homes, schools, communities
in our churches and in our heads

We sit crossed legged, pretty and ready
under hat
behind lipstick and folded fan
our stiff legs never stop
sore backs don't break
presses, perms, fros and wigs
sweat out long before we give in

Sisters of many hue
of every age
together lift our fingers
wrinkled and straight
stand on ankles swollen and thin
give thanks and steady ourselves
for tomorrow

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