Sunday, July 22, 2012

Chocolate calling

As bad as I know sugar is for me, and by bad I mean it triggers my depression spells, I still want the chocolate bar in my mom's refridgerator. I keep making excuses to myself like, ok, Sunday can be my cheat day and I can have whatever I want. When I look at how serious the disorder is and how much sugar affects me then I know how crazy it is to cheat. It's like someone addicted to crack allowing himself a cheat day once a week.

I love myself more than I want chocolate.

How funny, just as I close this post on saying no to chocolate the kids walk in with a box of pizza. White flour is as bad as sugar.
Sheesh, maybe I should go home. But then the sound of the children playing basketball in the backyard, laughing and trash talking. Priceless. Who's afraid of chocolate and pizza?

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