Saturday, July 21, 2012

Morning. Swim. Meds and sugar free.

Good morning all. I'm up and getting ready to go out for a morning swim with my son, nephew and niece. Swim session starts at 8 and it's my job to get them up and push them out of the door even though I'm the old lady of the group. 8 is not even that early.

I'm so glad I'm up and feeling like swimming. Seriously I like my mornings and days much better without the meds. Maybe I'm being one of those people who decides they feel better and stops taking meds too soon but oh well. I like this feeling over that. Besides, if I need them again I know where they are. I have an appointment with the doctor on Tuesday and I'll let him know then that I stopped taking them. I know I have more adjustments to make but I think I'm doing pretty well. I had to let go of the sugar. Sugar is the devil by the way. Seriously. Also I stopped drinking. Completely stopped. I'll keep you posted. I usually do.

Enjoy yourselves today.

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