Monday, March 25, 2013

A poem a day for 2013 - day 84 - Wear

I am looking for the perfect pair of jeans
I will wear them every day
I am tired of changing pants anyway
I want them long enough
To cover my ankles
And just scrape the ground
Worn and faded already
With belt loops big enough
For the brown leather
I already have
The one I will wear every day
Till death do us part
I have a pair of jeans
That I wear often enough
On Monday they are God sent
By Wednesday they are too baggy
Too short
Don't go right with my shoes
So I put them away
In the back of my closet
The trunk of my car
Then it rains
And the smell of the water on concrete
Makes me remember those jeans
The ones right for me
That I put away
Now it's awkward
Because no jeans say those things
That those jeans whisper
Sometimes a woman just wants a pair of jeans
To be there and rub her back when she cries
To understand her moods
And just cover her ankles
Just scrape the ground
New jeans are not the answer
I know
I know
I am afraid to forever these jeans
I have never forevered jeans before
I am full of what ifs
Concerned about my wishy
My washy
That thing that happens in my head
Between Monday and Wednesday
Every morning though
I commit to the day
I left leg
I right leg
I keep my belt in the loops

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