Wednesday, May 29, 2013

2:12pm. Work.

Had a bit of running around to do this morning. Dropped off photos in Long Beach at my sister's school. Dropped off other photos from the prom party I shot on Saturday in Long Beach. In traffic back to Los Angeles. Stopped home for a minute to eat two cups of yogurt then headed to work. I'm sleepy. Not from the day really, just because.

I have a writing project I've known about for three weeks due Friday and I need to get it cleaned up tonight. As much as I want to A. Go to the opening of Donny's one man show and / or B. Go to see Joshua feature at The World Stage, I need to finish this assignment so I can get paid. And I need to get paid.

Side note. These hot flashes are kicking my ass. They are.

I'm looking forward to spending time with my son who will complete his sophomore year of high school tomorrow. So proud of him.

Shooting a funeral on Friday in Los Angeles, family portraits in Long Beach Saturday morning and a show in Malibu Saturday night. Cool.

I'm staying in the moment. I get pretty overwhelmed when I get too far ahead of myself. And I feel myself headed there. ***Calming down now***

No big news. Just free writing. Just checking in.

P.S. The funeral I'm shooting Friday is V. Kali's mother. Rest in love and peace Ms. Connie.

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