Monday, February 10, 2014

A sonnet a day for February 2014 - day 10 - Uraeus

I want you to run, be happy and free
I want you to laugh, have friends and good love
I want you to sing, spend days on the sea
I want you to pray, have peace like a dove

Beach. Party. Yellow. Smile. Skate. Purple. Blue.
College. Work. Travel. Weekends. Planning. Years.
Passport. Land. Air. Roads. Languages. Brand new.
Ideas. Leadership. King. Partnership. Gears.

Brown skin. Long locks. Vocabulary. Bold.
Journey. Path. Good health. Plan. Intelligent.
Serious. Play. Free. Expressive and gold.
You are beautiful. Lovely, elegant.

Walk left foot then right. Hold head up and straight.
Strong. Smiling. Wonderful. Steady your gait.

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