Thursday, February 13, 2014

A sonnet a day for February 2014 - day 13 - Dear Jaha

Because loving myself is my good love.
My hands, my feet, my eyes, smile. My whole self. 
There are some times I need reminding of 
My shine and not to hide my gifts on shelf.

My legs hold me steady. My knees bend free. 
My spine is strong and my skin is so thick.
I give myself space to breathe and just be.
I am air and water, red dirt and brick.

This long neck, these breasts, my fingers and toes.
Loving self is not always this easy.
I wear red and green and colorful clothes.
I stand proudly and speak rasp and wheezy.

This poet, this painter, this woman me.
This artist, lover, this face that I see.

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