Wednesday, May 14, 2014

11:14pm. Back from The World Stage. The feature, Paul Manchester, was really good. I had never heard him before and was glad I went tonight. I started to stay home truthfully. He used to work on the show, Mad Men, which I've never seen but apparently it is popular, then left the show and is working on other projects I suppose but has also found joy in writing limericks, which is what he shared thirty minutes of tonight. He really was great. He reminded me a lot of Dr. Seuss. He even had some poems about house cleaning, which I super enjoyed because house cleaning is a particular joy of mine. Don't ask why. And by house cleaning I mean my own stuff. I don't get a thrill wandering around cleaning folks' houses. Though I do have experience. I'm rambling. But you already know me. You already know these are just the almost midnight words I need to release before I can sleep well. You know. Don't you? Oh, and it's like really really hot. It was one hundred two degrees today. It's like seventy degrees right now. And it's 11:21. Okay, I'm going to bed now. I have a class to teach in the morning. Oh yeah, I'm taking a bit of a break from Facebook. Every now and then I need to. You know, for my own self care and all. There is just so much junk I just don't feel like hearing and seeing right now. So many people's comments I don't want to stomach right now. I haven't even been posting the links to my poems like I usually do. Of course I'm still writing them every single day. They are here on this blog. Mostly I post pictures on Facebook and advertisements about Red Stories which is coming up this Sunday and other shows I'm either in or supporting. I'll be back though. I just need the break for now.

Rest well, y'all.

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