Monday, May 19, 2014

12:05am. Red Stories went well last night. I'm happy about it. The Say Word Youth Slam Team were there except for one member who is finishing up with school out in Chicago. Kat was great as well as Donny, Kai and Edwin. But then they always are. Donny opened the night with his piece Sad Girls which I thought was perfect and ushered in the topic of depression and how it's handled. I always love that piece by him because it handles the topic from the perspective of a man, a doctor and a poet.

Anyway, a group of us went out after and now, thankfully, I'm home.

All that and super yay for Vanessa bringing her little sister to her first (hopefully of many) Red Stories!

I have to work in the morning and am all the way sleepy now. Night y'all.

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