Thursday, May 1, 2014

An ode a day for May 2014 - day 1 - An ode to Creator

For all blessings and way You shower me with love and forgiveness
How You protect me when I am not aware
How thankful I am for Your fingers waking my eyes
Pushing air through my lungs
I am grateful

With these raised hands
With this lifted voice I sing
Dance and worship and praise
Because You are
Because You live and breathe in me
Because I see You all around

Because I see You in the breeze
In trees
In mountain and water
In winter and spring
I am grateful

Grateful for my son and friends and family
For peace and understanding and trust
Grateful for time and space and laughter
I am grateful for You
For all that You are
For all the power You have
All the wisdom You give
All the memories You grant
Thank You

For words and art and flowers
For sea and sky and birds
For poetry and the way You weave the world

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