Saturday, May 10, 2014

An ode a day for May 2014 - day 10 - To being dedicated to getting through it

To allowing my fingers to move as much as they need to move
To showering myself with affirmations
To forcing myself to look into mirrors
Or to look away
To hearing whispers and ignoring them
To sleep
To picking up stuff off of the floor
One by one
To one by oneing it all the way through
To knowing that I never know how it will work out
To knowing that even the next breath is a blessing and gift
And a mystery
To knowing that those time I think I know how it will work out
Are the times I am in an illusion
To knowing that to live is to not know
And to keep moving anyway
To anyway
To anyway every day
To feel
To allowing myself to feel
To feeling when happy does not describe the tone of the moment
To knowing that happy will come
To knowing that joy is
All ways
Even though
To honoring myself enough to feel and fall and get stuck and get up
To being brave enough to write
Even in the face of what you might say
What you might think
What you think already
To knowing that someone feels this too
To honoring you too

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