Monday, May 12, 2014

An ode a day for May 2014 - day 12 - To Dietra

On the eve of your birthday
On the day after Mother's Day
On this day of life
I shout you out
Keeper of secrets
Thank you
For all the ways you you
All the ways you purple
All the ways you butterfly
All the ways you beautiful
All the ways you family
You are so mother
You are so fly
You are so necessary
Do you know how necessary
Do you know how cherished
Do you know how friend you are
Thank you for all the ways you inspire
All the ways you Nspire
All the ways you give life
All the ways you words
All the ways you wrap
Ways you care
Do you know that we know
Do you know that we notice
Do you know that we hear
That we see you
We see you
Do you know that we feel those prayers of yours
Reach all the way to here
Do you know that this is to say
That we know
That we care too
That we wrap too
Our arms
All these fingers and elbows
'Round you

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