Thursday, May 15, 2014

An ode a day for May 2014 - day 15 - To all the ways I love

To all the dessert ways I reach with my sticky berry fingers to know you better
All the grape and juicy ways to grab you in my hold
I and the army of this whole field
Do you smell us in the air
Can you smell how much I love
Can you feel the ways I give
Taste these pokey nails bloody down your spine
I will never let go
The sweetest song you are to sing
The way you hold me back
Dance with me
What do we care
Way the world does stare
All this pain and courage between us
All the ways I love you
All the ways I cry
The ugliest cries for you
My eyes all tight
My chin and nose so stiff
Look at my palms
How these lines say nothing and everything so loud
Tell all the places that we've been
I'm sorry
I really am
There are no roads
Without bumps in the middle
It's okay
It's okay
Long as you know how much
Long as you know the ways
I love you the way I do


  1. this is awesome. kinda bare yet so strong and says so much with yet so little. great job ;)