Saturday, May 17, 2014

An ode a day for May 2014 - day 17 - To the sisters in the circle

Way we write
We share
We cry all these tears
How we laugh together
These stories we mend
Over hummus and bread
Over grapes and coffee and tea with milk
Look at all this blood spilled on the page
All these ovaries on the floor
My mama
Yo mama
She remember
I remember
We bare feet
We incense and closed doors
We safe space and head scarves off
We titties hanging and panties showing
What shame we got among ourselves
What stories we got that can't be told
This is for us
Way we inhale then let it out slow
All the living we been through
To get this far
This is for sore backs and and twisted necks
Sucked teeth and smacked lips
To us and all the lives we lived
To come of age right now

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