Thursday, May 22, 2014

An ode a day for May 2014 - day 22 - To the moment

Even this moment
Circled in the smoke of vanilla incense
With pennies and quarters and nickels in my bank
On the bookcase that holds the oils
Scented with pear and sage
Lavender and rose
Stacks of books and note paper
I scribble my secret musings

This moment
With art that surrounds me
Women in red and and black
With Afros and braids
Leg women
Fingers women
Remembered women
All cross my walls

These mirrors
Reflect the face and body
Whether I will or no
There is tea in this moment
This Thursday moment
This prayer and purple moment

These flowers and plants
Anchored well in my surrounding
Give me breath
Give me live again tomorrow

Look at those cards
Posted there on my board
This friend moment
This tell me you love me moment
Calligraphied notes to remind me my loves

This moment so sacred
This moment so music

I am so statue

Hear plane flying above my head
Where would anyone be going
Moment sacrosanct as this
Neighbors playing music
Like nobody on the block but them
Ain't that something
In this moment all my own

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