Friday, May 30, 2014

An ode a day for May 2014 - day 30 - To my sister on her 41st birthday

We ran to Daddy together when boots scraped up red steps
We hid behind the same couch and called his name
We yelled surprise together

We were reared by Mama's love together
Mama's kisses were work ethic and Vacation Bible School
She taught me how to drive a stick
Then I taught you

You were my doll I dressed for school
Laid out your clothes and combed your hair
Two ponytails
Three ponytails

You looked like me
Had more book smarts than I
I am proud of you for taking wings
For being so fly

We Cameron St. together
We Taper St. together
We so St. Mark

We so praise
We so different ways
We so anyways

We so don't never no mind
Long as you know
I love you like I

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