Sunday, May 4, 2014

An ode a day for May 2014 - day 4 - To my son

Your face mostly
And those eyes
And all that hair that falls in your face
Your small mouth like mine
Your cheeks and teeth
Legs and voice
This flesh of my flesh
This blood of my blood

Do you know what it is
To have your mind walking around
Outside of your own body
To have all the blood you have
Flowing through someone else
All the worry
All the happiness
All the sanity you can muster
Be for someone else
All of mine is for you

All these years
These sixteen years
Almost seventeen

Do you know how fast seventeen years go by
It flies
It disappears
It leaves its whisper mark
Do you know how precious time is
Do you

I do
I know
Time is your long body
Time is your reach above mine
Time is me picking you up from your SAT
Time is you preparing for college
For life

I hope you know what it is to love like this
I hope one day you feel your own thumping chest
Beating in someone else

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