Wednesday, May 7, 2014

An ode a day for May 2014 - day 7 - To black men

Knees like you
Flexible and ashy
Ready to move
We bend together
We same song
You hear me sing for you
Sing for you
To you
About you
Hold these notes for you
Breathy and rocks and raspy
And always for you

You hear my voice for you
You see my fists for you
You feel this fight I have for you

We womb together
We reign
We so thunder together

We feet in grass
In sand
In water
We so swim together
We boat and land together

You win for me
I win for you
These tears
These poems
You ever read all these poems for you

We so crazy together
We difficult together
We kill and create together
We so show together
We swirl and sane together
All this dance we swing together

You think I'm going somewhere
Where I got to go
You think I ever leave you
You hold my waist
I look in your eyes
We rib together

We so coffee

We so free
We so America
We so Africa
We so global together
We so Cuba
We so Asia
We so everywhere

We so sticks and stones
We so struggle
We so easy

We so flesh and bones
We so Spirit
We so fly

You so fly
You so blueblack
You so marble
You so move
You so silk
You so tell me your story
You so listen to mine
You so mine

You so I can't live without you
You so my brother
You so my son
You so my lover
You so my father

You so voice in my ear
You so touch in my thigh
You so squeeze on my breast
You so rub me to sleep


You my regular
You my every single day
You so night
You so knight
You so ride in and rescue
You so change
You so same

You so hero

You so Psalms
You so words
You so river
You so deep
Ain't you deep
Ain't we deep together


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