Thursday, May 22, 2014

To the village who holds my head - draft 2

To the women who lift my arms
When I have no strength to raise them above my waist
To red clay women
Head scarves
Praying women
Fight women

To men who love me close and from afar
Sage men
Water men
Lips men
Fingers and touch men
Who whisper words and share
Art and stories passed down

To lovers of yesterday moon
Who remained as friends

To circles unbroken
To family and unity so rock
So ocean and mountain
So stare
So galaxy
So always
To sun
To son
Who lights so laughter and gentle
To village who I am nothing without
To prayers screamed to the heavens within
To all fingers and nails
Elbows and palms
Grab me so safe
Hold me so ready
Make sure I see tomorrow
To connection so real
Only God can know


  1. It has done my soul well this morning to have your words wash over me on top of my prayers. Great work as always. Good to hear you even though it has been so long to see you!

  2. Thank you for your wonderful words and thank you for reading!