Monday, August 4, 2014

Who am I not forgiving
Was the child I aborted a girl
Did she understand
Is there going back in time
What is on Uraeus's mind
When will the hot flashes end
Will the paranoia always follow
Will peace last
Will someone love me again
Am I lovable again
What does love look like again
What does touch feel like anymore
Will I love again
Have I ever loved before
Why is my heart this way
What way
What is he saying now
Why am I holding this hate
If I could have my father again for a day what would we talk about
Does he know how much I miss him
Can he hear me cry
Am I trying to die
Am I afraid of living
What will tomorrow look like
What about the bodies buried under buildings after the earthquake in China
What do I look like when I smile
How do I smell when I feel good
Will someone tell me a story
Will I write another story
Can I tell another tale
Is there another book in me
What does poetry mean anyway
Who will care if I don't
Who will love if I don't first
Am I brave enough to forgive
What does my forgiveness cost
Who will mind my mind if I do not
Why questions that can't be answered anyway

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