Thursday, August 14, 2014

Day 2

Tara Bliss Manor nominated me to post 3 things I am positive about for 7 days and nominate 1 person each day. I'll take that on and thank you Tara for the invitation. 

1. I am POSITIVE I am scheduled to speak next week and while two weeks ago I felt prepared, today my two weeks ago words seem empty but I will give my mind some rest and heart some prayer and body fresh air and exercise and time alone away from my phone and Facebook and my blog, and the right and divine message will come.

2. I am POSITIVE I hopscotch the line between rearing my son out of fear or possibilities. While I want him to know he can (know he can), be what he wanna be (be what he wanna be), if he work hard at it (work hard at it) - the whole song really - I wonder what I look like flip flopping on my message on how to talk to the police. In the name of Jesus I hate assuming that it's a probability that he will. Calgon take me away and saints please pray my black mama strength in the Lord.

3. I am POSITIVE I know the most amazing and brilliant people and I am so thankful a sista can pick up the phone and call y'all and y'all answer the phone and know what to say or just listen to me breathe. I am thankful beyond ways I can express myself. And that's a lot because I can express myself thanna mug.

Today I nominate Donny Jackson to post 3 positive things a day for 7 days and nominate 1 person each day and if he does not choose to I totally get it. Blessings y'all.

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