Thursday, August 7, 2014

In my next life I'm going to play the upright bass and I will only talk when I really really feel like it. Mostly I'm going to play my instrument. I won't be on Facebook so please enjoy me now. I'm going to wear crazy clothes (again) and ONLY hang around people who make me laugh and have trunks large enough for my bass. I will live a beautifully simple life. I will mostly eat steamed vegetables and if my son bothers to come back to this planet I hope he chooses me again as his mother. I will have a new favorite color because I have run red to death. I will not be seen at open mics or open anythings except if Denny's is still around I will pop in every now and then for the french toast slam and hot chocolate. Otherwise I'll be playing fabulous music in my or someone's living room because that's what I do. Then one day someone will ask me why I don't have a fancy cell phone and I will explain that that's not what I do and if they want a friend with a cell phone then they can just go somewhere with all that because I don't need them anyway. The discussion will blow up into this big huge thing and later we will forgive each other but we will never forget. I will go back to playing the bass and begin to regret why I never followed through on my passion for gymnastics. Someone will tell me to stop tripping because I'm such a brilliant bass player what more should I ever want. I will roll my eyes and swear never to play again. Then one day in the middle of a thunder storm I will roll over in bed and pick up a book and wonder why I never became a writer. Because writers get to say words that don't make sense to anyone but themselves and I will call my old friend on my new fancy phone and say hi friend, let's talk for hours and tell stories about our lives.

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