Friday, August 8, 2014

It was a pleasure teaching summer school this year. Especially on a beautiful arts campus. Things come to and end though. They do. I'm looking forward to school starting up soon. Well, some days I am looking forward to it. I'm preparing myself for it. This school year will be busy for me. With now two shows I'm producing and my son in his senior year. I'm proud of him. Ours has been a journey and he has handled himself well. I'm  proud of the man he is becoming and I'm looking forward to seeing him continue to grow. It's only 8:47 pm and I'm winding down already. Been doing a lot of administrative work on my shows and staring at my computer and writing and thinking. Thankfully in addition to that, having conversations with my son and finding spaces to laugh inside topics of entertainment, school, future, food and such. This is how I wind down. I write. I write in my journal. I release thoughts in my blog. I read articles and write some more. Eventually I will find twenty minutes to sit quietly on the porch to stare at the moon. And watch God.

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