Saturday, August 9, 2014

To mention that Mike Brown 18 years old "may have stolen cigarettes from a local store" is more victim blaming. The police weren't looking for the cigarette bandit! They didn't have to kill this young man! But cops and others keep getting away with killing our children and each slap on the wrists is permission for the next one. I'm angry at all of it. All of it! So before you come on this wall with stats on how many blacks kill blacks and gang violence and all that, I'm angry at that too. I'm angry that our lives seem to mean so little. When I know different. I am thankful that as I type this post I am listening to my son laugh at some comedian on YouTube. I am angry that as my son is laughing families are in tears over senseless violence and murders. I am crying with them. I am angry that that it takes so much faith and courage and prayer to send our babies to the corner store. I am angry that more people are not angry. The violence is horrible enough. But the attitude that it is just okay to kill our babies, our black babies rips my insides to shit!

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