Thursday, June 25, 2009

About me

001. My favorite color is red.
002. I was born Long Beach, California.
003. I write poetry.
004. I make lists.
005. I hide when I am afraid.
006. I love my home in Georgia.
007. I like a neat environment.
008. I have a close relationship and am in constant communication with God.
009. I get sleepy when I am resisting something I don't want to do.
010. I love to sing.
011. I do not sing very well.
012. I have a son.
013. I am 25 pounds overweight.
014. I love who I am.
015. I keep my hair short because I love it.
016. I am sleepy now.
017. I am resisting now.
018. My water bill is due.
019. I am an artist.
020. I am a good friend.
021. I am a good listener.
022. I love to walk.
023. I love to swim.
024. I am beautiful.
025. I love to paint.
026. Aretha Franklin is my favorite singer.
027. Just the two of us by Bill Withers is my favorite song.
028. I love my private time.
029. I love spending time with my family and friends.
030. My favorite fruit is watermelon.
031. My favorite authors are James Baldwin and Toni Morrison.
032. I love laying in the bed with my mother and son watching movies.
033. I love organizing and decorating homes.
034. I don't have cable TV.
035. I should drink more water.
036. I failed geometry in the 10th grade but other than that I got good grades in school.
037. I love big clunky shoes.
038. I love to read.
039. Sometimes I youtube Iyanla Vanzant and Byron Katie in the middle of the night.
040. I am a Landmark graduate.
041. People speak well of me.
042. People speak badly of me.
043. I love the smell of jasmine.
044. I love taking nature photos.
045. I love old school hip hop, emphasis on old school.
046. I was born Robin Rachael (pronounced Rashelle) Reed.

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