Monday, June 29, 2009

IN-SERVICE REPORT for the home health agency

This morning the client was quiet and eating her breakfast.

No. I did not take her vital signs. We shared our favorite Bible stories. I told her Adam's brother Stuart got killed on All My Children. We remembered Luke and Laura together. Neither of us knew if Vickie was still crazy or not. Robin has sure grown up. A doctor like her mama. We mixed all the ABC soaps up and made our own concoction.

She remembered she was beautiful today. There was a bond formed between us during the pilgrimage from the living room to the bathroom. One. Step. One. Step. One. Step. She trusted me. We trusted each other. I would flush the release of her bowels and still look at her as woman. As warrior. And she would see me as the same.

This evening the client ate all of her lunch. And walked up and down her hallway. Alone.

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